Whether you own a rental company or are planning to start one, building your inventory as well as pricing it for profitability can be a stressor. It's the top question we hear most from our rental community. 

What if you had a strategy specifically geared toward buying and pricing your inventory? We have the answers. 

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In this three part mini course, we will break down the elements of procuring new inventory pieces, share our pricing formula and equip you on setting up a successful budget. Start learning today with one single payment of $97.

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I already have a wedding rental company. Will this course be helpful to me?

Yes! Whether you’re primarily into wedding rentals looking to diversify your event scope, this course is a great resource for learning more about increasing your profit margins, buying or repurposing your inventory, or scaling your business for the future.


Rentals are just the side hustle to my existing wedding business. Will I find any value in this course? 

This course is recommended to anyone who is looking to or has created a rental business as a source of income, big or small. The Inventory Bundle was created with all kinds of business owners in mind to further their knowledge in finances, investment, and inventory management 


I’m still in the discovery phase and don’t own any inventory yet. Is the course too advanced for me? 

This course is a great resource for those in the “discovery phase,” or a business owner looking for ways to grow and scale their current business. The Inventory Bundle is designed to aid in making smart decisions for your business that will make you profitable. 



hey there, i'm cam!

I’m a mom, business owner, and serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping you grow in your personal and professional life through my new educational course, the Rental Biz Academy! I began my rental business, Render Events, in 2012 located in Dallas, Texas. As an entrepreneur constantly curating new business ideas, I’ve navigated the ups and downs of the event and rental industry, and I’m ready to share all I have to offer with you! 

I'm ready to get you profitable, are you?


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