Rental Biz Academy will be your go-to resource, whether you are in the “discovery stage” or full-fledged in your rental business, for creating and elaborating your companies brand and marketing, determining how to increase your profit margins, analyzing your client processes and experience, all while fostering your growth as a business leader. 



You’re a creator with no shortage of ambition who feels overwhelmed and like their business may be running them, instead of you running your business. You likely have a very long task list that never ends filled with to-do’s such as accounting, planning out your social media schedule, and hiring your next team member. You’re wanting to cross those off your list, but also spend more time outside of your business. 

Whether you’re…

Before i tell you all about this life-changing COURSE, let's talk about who this is really for...

Just dabbling in the event rental world, determining if this is really for you or not.

Side-hustling your way to hopefully stepping outside of your 9-5 job to fully dive in.

A florist or venue owner and have collected some inventory over time wondering if you should rent it out or not.

You're in the right place, and I'm going to tell you exactly how Rental Biz Academy will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey in creating the business you've already worked so hard for!

Seeing success in your rental company, but could use some direction and community.


Know when and how to increase your feesleading to higher sales and revenue

Create a complete roadmap for profitable event delivery and execution

Hire the ultimate team and learn how to manage your employees through servant leadership

Learn 5 paths to secure funding to scale your rental business

Understand and budget rental expenses from Day 1

Form your SOPs (the way you do what you do), finally getting all those details out of your mind and down on paper

Create the ultimate sales funnel and client interaction process

Learn 3 marketing strategies to consistently bring in business

"Cam and her Render team are truly one of a kind! The effort and investment from everyone involved have surpassed the monetary value of the course one hundred times over. I feel better prepared for each step of my business journey all thanks to Cam's one of a kind leadership! To me, nothing is more special than a group of people who believe in you and are cheering you on. With Render and all the connections I've made, my heart is extremely full of gratefulness and with the knowledge, I've received, launching my business is no longer scary to me! Thank you Render!"

 Bianca Tulloch | Haus Atelier

"Cam and her team have put together such a wonderful, helpful toolkit for those of us looking to break into the industry. The lessons were incredibly helpful and very easy to follow. Her generosity in sharing this industry information is something I am very grateful for. I went from overwhelmed and intimidated to confident and ready to hit the ground running! Thank you Render team! I look forward to more lessons from you all!"



module 01.

Setting Up Your Business

Learn the starting blocks of every rental business to assure you’re set up for success. There’s so many details to legalizing your business and you don't want to miss anything! 

Choose the right softwares and systems you need to automate and keep your business on track. Not only will you see what we use, but you’ll also learn the skill of choosing the right platform for your business.

Finally, you’re going to set up your website so you can start showing your value and get the clients you want! Sure looking at our website or someone else’s could help you understand you’re own website, however, getting a grasp on the why behind what you have on your website and what pages you need to have is important! 


Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who’s gone before you and figured it out step-by-step — I know starting and setting up your business can be the most confusing and time-consuming process in any business, which is why I’ve created a simple process to do it well. We’re going to set up your business for success with your values, choosing the right softwares and systems, and getting your website up and running the right way! 

Your business set up process can be stressful and tough to navigate, however, with Rental Biz Academy, it doesn't have to be. We’re going to teach you how to set up your business for success one step at a time.

You’re going to learn how to create and implement core values that set you apart from your competitors and that give you a sense of your “yes’s” and “no’s” in everything you do. These core values are usually something that small businesses don't pay attention to right away, but you’ll have them quickly! 

Softwares and Systems are necessary to your business and choosing the right ones can be challenging. You’ll learn what to look for in a software and how to make sure you’re using it to its full potential. We are not telling you to use everything we use, but you’ll learn what we use and have an opportunity to try them out too! 

Finally, we will wrap it up by setting up your website and a brand that is recognizable to increase your sales and revenue. Don’t feel overwhelmed, because we’ll tell you exactly what you need and don't need on your website and give you examples of what we do!


module 02.


5 strategies to profiting on your inventory now! It’s not good enough to just guess on a price to rent your inventory for. You need to have some strategies behind what you charge.

Create value within your delivery and pick up services. Services are a huge part of your business and how you get your items from point A to point B, so choosing how to charge and show your worth is important!

Learn all the minimums and fees you should be implementing. Your competition is charging for different things in their contracts, so learn what they’re doing and then decide if you want to charge for that too!


Do you ever wonder if you’re buying the right product or charging what it’s worth? No need to wonder anymore with our 5 strategies to profiting on your inventory now! These strategies are your go-to when it comes to anything you buy and rent out from now on.

Pricing your inventory is a whole conversation and you might wonder if you’re charging too high or too low. You will gain the skills you need to price all of your inventory from here on out in this module. 

Not only are we talking inventory, but we’re also teaching you all things delivery and pick up and all the fees you should be charging in your rental company. You’ll get a full spreadsheet making sure you’re actually charging what you’re services are worth that’s foolproof!


module 03.

client experience

Create your inside and outside sales plan to save you time and stress when it comes to selling to your customers. No more feeling like a used car salesperson! You’ll put intentionality into your sales plan.

You’ll decide between wholesale and retail pricing along with if you’ll offer discounts and promotions. You’re going to make sure your prices are at a point that still gives you profit and margin even if you offer these price options.

Craft your start to finish sales plan so you can get all of that information out of your head and on paper! Having a full sales plan keeps you on track and becomes an easy training document when you hire a sales position.


Do sales stress you out? Do you sometimes feel like that sleazy used-car salesperson? Well, no longer! In this module, you’re going to learn intentional sales techniques in your clients experience and strategies so you don’t feel like you’re just selling to make money. Sales is one of my favorite topics, and this course will ensure you’ll craft your sales and experience process with intention and ease!

Inside and outside sales are incredibly important to any business, so you’re going to learn the ins and outs of how to curate leads that are already coming your way (thanks module 1 with the marketing plans) and also how to go out and find sales without wasting time. By the end of this module, you’ll have a step-by-step plan for how you bring in sales and keep them for life.

Discounts, promotions, and wholesale pricing are likely something you’ve been asked about or are considering. You’re going to know the difference between all of these requests and decide what works best for your sales plan. You want to retain as much revenue as possible, so we’re going to make sure your sales plan is in line with these requests you may get. 

Finally, you’re going to have a sales training plan set up so when you hire someone to sell on your team, you’ve got it all written down. We believe that everyone on your team, no matter what, is a salesperson. Sales are more than just the inquiry to sale process… it’s also about how you show up and communicate with your customers. Let’s make that sales plan!


module 04.


5 strategies to profiting on your inventory now! It’s not good enough to just guess on a price to rent your inventory for. You need to have some strategies behind what you charge.

Create value within your delivery and pick up services. Services are a huge part of your business and how you get your items from point A to point B, so choosing how to charge and show your worth is important!

Learn all the minimums and fees you should be implementing. Your competition is charging for different things in their contracts, so learn what they’re doing and then decide if you want to charge for that too!


Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who’s gone before you and figured it out step-by -step — I know branding and marketing can be the most confusing and time-consuming process in any business, which is why I’ve created a simple process to do it well. We’re going to teach you how to create double-tap worthy content that increases your engagement on the regular

We’ll start by crafting your brand, which is important, but we’re also going to take it further than just the pretty fonts and colors. Branding is much more than that — it’s the way your company acts, feels, and communicates. We’re going to teach you how to get crystal clear about who your brand is and how to represent your brand in a way that touches others. There’s a fun example we teach to show this too!! 

Finally, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the content you should create and how to achieve more engagement on social media. Your marketing needs to have a measurable impact, so learning the strategy of each platform and how to analyze your analytics well is highly important, so we teach you this! 


module 05.


Learn the terms and reports you need to know to manage and grow your business. No legal jargon here, we’re talking plain english and teaching you what you really need to know!

Craft your business budget with our Easy Business Budget For Creatives! No more not knowing what your numbers are. We’re going to make it incredibly easy to know your numbers, consistently update your budget spreadsheet, and be confident about what’s in your bank account. 

Craft your hiring step-by-step plan to hire the right people who will stick with you for the long haul. You’ll learn the places to find them, questions to ask in the interview process, and how to be intentional each step of the way.

Form your plan to be a servant leader to your team. Servant leadership is the most important piece to keeping a team that is all in and engaged with what you do. You’ll learn the strategies and ways to keep consistent in the way you lead on a daily basis.

Plan out your future team needed to scale your company to the next levels. A team is the #1 way you’ll scale your company, so you’re going to dream about the future and what that looks like with the people needed to achieve that.


Do numbers scare you a little bit? Good, I’m glad I’m not alone!! Numbers, budgeting, and thoughtful spending — it is what we’re covering in this module. As someone who has never been a numbers person, I’m teaching you what I forced myself to learn about finance, budgets, and implementation — because it’s necessary. As an adult, sometimes we have to do things we don’t love to do, even when we know the results of doing that thing far outweigh the process. Finances is a perfect example of that! 

We’ll start with learning all the terms about accounting and reports you need to know, but in normal english words. No fancy jargon here! You’re going to learn what accounting terms you need to know and why you need to know about them. I have a great way to help you remember these! Reports? There’re so many and I’m going to teach you how to read those and help you pull the ones you actually need.

I’ll be honest — you need a budget. You might not want one, but you need a budget. A budget will help you forecast what’s ahead and what you need to plan for. We’re going to craft your business budget with an excel spreadsheet that is easy to track. This is one of the most important pieces of business you’ll be learning!

Have you ever gotten to a place in business where you just needed a few extra hundred (or thousand) dollars? If you’ve been around for any time at all, you’ve likely been there before. 

You might by feeling overwhelmed already by the hiring process and how much it’ll cost you to hire someone. Start small and start slow. Our motto when it comes to hiring (and firing) is hire SLOW, and fire FAST. You’ll learn the step by step way to hire the right people for the right positions on your team

Leading through servant leadership is essential to being the boss your team needs you to be. You’re going to learn the strategies and ways to being the best leader you can be, not only at the office, but in your life on a daily basis also. Through one-on-one’s, check in’s and team meetings, you’re team will feel connected and heard through consistency.

Big dreams for your company? Same! We’re going to dream a little and plan out your future team for the place you want to be 5 years from now. Not only are we going to dream a little, but we’re also going to create a plan to get there. Knowing where we’re going is essential to being in business, so let’s figure that out!


5 Implementation Modules showing and teaching you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to turn your rental dreams into a highly profitable and successful business.

A Complete, Step-By-Step Business Plan to create and implement your marketing strategies, financial projections and accounting, create a sales plan that converts lookers into paying customers, AND hire the team you need to have to scale your business. 

The Easy Peasy Workflow Plan (SOP’s) to get all the information you have in your head down on paper (or Google docs!) to save you time and money when it comes to training your team.

Scaling Your Rental Dreams Into a Business to grow, diversify, and implement all those dreams and aspirations you have for your rental business. You’ve got goals, so you’re now going to have a plan to actually make those happen!

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get:

You’ll be given access to the entire course when you sign up for Rental Biz Academy, however, we have a plan for you to get through the content in a timely manner without feeling overwhelmed!! 

In Rental Biz Academy, you will go from feeling OVERWHELMED to feeling CONFIDENT and implement the tactical and actionable plans to get serious about your business. I know you can achieve this just in the first module of working together.

We have pulled together some of the top resources available to you in this course and we know you’ll be backed by some of the best people in this industry to help and support you.

Now here’s the deal.

By the end of 24-hours, you’ll have received the entire course, access to the Facebook Group, and a resource library full of templates you need! 

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to check out the entire course and contents, look at all the templates and guides you need to set up your business with, and join the Facebook group full of hundreds of other students and engage with them! 

If you feel like the information in those modules and resources are less than what you expected and the teachings in those modules do not give you any additional insight and clarity, then you can reach out to our team, show us you’ve done the work, and we’ll refund your investment. 


Q: I feel overwhelmed already about all of the things I’m going to learn in Rental Biz Academy. Are you sure I can do this?

A: Yes! Not only do I know you can do this course and complete it, but I also know for a fact that this course is going to dramatically change the trajectory of your business and its operations. I’m going to ask you to implement a lot of new strategies into your business, but it’s all totally doable! 

I’m also going to push you towards greatness, and I know you’ll take it in strides! Here’s the thing… 

If you spend a few hours each week watching the training and work your way through the worksheets and reach out when you get stuck, I know you can absolutely accomplish this course. 

Once you arm yourself with the tools and knowledge it takes to run a successful rental business, you will gain time back into your schedule, profit in your bank account, and clarity on where you’re going. I know YOU can do this!! 


Q: Will I need to invest in other softwares or training to see results from this course?

A: You may need to utilize some online softwares for your business, especially if you are not using any currently. I will only recommend the best softwares and tools to use and using our Easy Business Budget For Rental Pros, you will make sure they fit within your annual budget.

Softwares can help ease overwhelm and stress by saving you time and money in the long run while keeping you sane through all the other tasks you have to do. We’ll learn more about what can help you automate your business in Module 1.


Q: Do I need existing tech skills and knowledge to go through these modules?

Nope! Within each module and lesson you’ll learn, we give you the step-by-step way to do each action item, so don't worry if you have enough skills to pull this off! We’ll teach it to you! 


Q: When I purchase Rental Biz Academy, will I get access to all of the lessons immediately?

A: Yes! You receive the entire course all at once. We do provide you with a project plan to help ease the overwhelm when you first get in. The great thing about this is you can take it slow or all at once in a weekend!


Q: Will Cam be able to answer questions if I get stuck as I go through Rental Biz Academy?

A: YES! As a part of purchasing Rental Biz Academy TODAY, you will immediately receive your bonus which is 9 Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions with Cam (Over 18 Sessions!) Inside Rental Biz Academy Facebook Group for Members Only. 

Within the Private Facebook Group, Cam will be there LIVE on Tuesday’s at 12 pm CST and Thursday’s at 5 pm CST to answer all questions you may have as you go through this course. If you have a question outside of those two weekly live sessions in the Facebook Group, just ask you question as a post and Cam’s team (or even Cam herself!) will answer it as soon as possible!


Q:  How long do I have access to this course?

A: You will keep this course for life! There is no end date to your access. No matter what, if you pay in full or pay through a payment plan, you get the same access and same lifetime access.

The great thing about that is you’ll come back to this course over and over throughout your years in business. 

The best part? You get every update to this course forever! So when marketing strategies change in a few years and we re-record that module, you’ll get that new insight and lesson! The Facebook group will continue to grow as we will launch this course over and over which means you have more people joining this journey with you! 



You should give Rental Biz Academy a 24-hour risk-free shot if you are motivated by any of the following…You want your life back.

Whether you're working your 9-5 gig full time and running this rental business side hustle full time also or you just want to spend a little more time with your family and friends. Implementing the strategies and lessons in Rental Biz Academy will allow you to have a plan of action to get some of your time and life back!

Even more so, if you are so close to the “burnout” phase of your business or you’re tired of doing all the things on your own, creating the life you love and want comes straight from this course. You want to make an impact on this world through your talents.

I know you have a special talent and craft and you see the world a little bit differently.You have a desire to bless others with the skills and creativity you have. I’m a firm believer that if you love your craft so much so that you want to create a business out of it, you HAVE GOT to make sure your business can support the level of creativity and all that comes with it for the long haul. Rental Biz Academy will teach you the skills you NEED to know in order to keep going.

You know that you NEED a business teacher to show you the ways to stay in your business for the long haul. Well, with this 5 module course, you will be fully equipped by not only a teacher but also a group of other go-getters who want the same as you! 

That’s all I got….If you were nodding your head at all from these motivators, I highly encourage you to invest in yourself and the knowledge you need to keep your business at its top performance! 

Pouring into the business side of my business has transformed how I make decisions and has kept me in business through the toughest season of my career (hello COVID-19!).

If you are an etsy shop creator, artist, musician, event professional, boutique shop owner, or any career and dream that involves creativity, you need to know the ins and outs of your business to keep that dream and hard work going. Let’s create a life that involves time freedom, stress-free finances, and the life you wanted when you stepped into this calling. 

Should you choose to accept my invitations, I personally guarantee that these next 9 weeks will be completely and utterly life changing for you and your family. 

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Rental Biz Academy. 

I personally cannot wait to guide you through these next 9 weeks!


Hey there, Cam Petty Palmer. I’m a mom, business owner, and serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping you grow in your personal and professional life! I began my rental business, Beautiful Event Rentals, in 2012 located in Dallas, Texas. As an entrepreneur constantly curating new business ideas, I’ve navigated the ups and downs of the event and rental industry, and I’m ready to share all I have to offer with you! 

I have always had a passion for education and doing my best to figure it out a solution one way or the other. I'm thrilled to share that passion with you! I thrive on true connection with all kinds of people, leading teams towards what they were meant to do, and educating people right where they are.

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